The Week at AAM April 3 2010

US Stocks continued their ascent as the S&P finished higher this week for the seventh consecutive week and is now up 5.65% for the year.  The S&P finished at 1,178 up 1% on the week.  Gold and Oil moved higher as well.  Gold was up 1.6% finishing the week at $1,125 per oz and Oil jumped 6% higher to $85 per barrel.  The dollar finisher lower other major world currencies down 1% to $80.70.

Mortgage rates appear to be rising.  If you have been thinking about refinancing you should consider doing it now.

The deadline is approaching for 2009 IRA contributions on 4/15.  Don’t procrastinate!

The week at AAM was a busy one as usual.  I am helping a client update their estate planning this week.

I met with Dave VanderLinde of Seniors Helping Seniors  They help seniors by matching up seniors who need help with seniors who want to help.  They can help with yard work, home chores and much more.

I helped a client review their credit report through .  I was happy to see that their was nothing out-of-the-ordinary going on!

I also help one of my senior clients sort through her bills and make sure all are getting paid.

I met with one new prospect this week.  I am hoping that I can help her plan out her retirement and figure if she has reached or when she will reach financial independence.

If your advisors are not doing these types of things for you what are they doing for you?  Let me know if this is the type of help you are looking for.  Call me at 616-531-5220