Stadion Model Commentary – November 1 2013

There really has not been much going on this week in terms of major events that are potentially market moving. Earnings season has been benign for equity markets and economic reports have had a negative tilt but that is being offset by optimism about continued FED stimulus. Equity markets have generally traded flat for the week down just slightly. International is the same but we have seen a bit more weakness in European developed markets. As of last week both developed and emerging international markets had been outpacing domestic equity markets, but that trend has shifted this week. Interest rates have bumped up a bit over the past three days but they remain at the lower end of the range they have been in since June. We currently reside in the Green Weight of the Evidence reading and the portfolios are currently fully invested. If the positive market trend that began with resolution in Washington DC earlier this month continues, the portfolios are now positioned to participate. However, Stadion’s defensive bias is always on the lookout if there is a surprise around the corner that negatively effects market price action.



Chart forStadion Managed Portfolio A (ETFFX)