Social Security Tips – July 2016

Unexpected changes may take place after your client makes a decision about when to start receiving Social Security retirement benefits. If that’s the case and they change their mind about when they should start collecting, they may have the option of withdrawing their claim and re-applying at a future date. The withdraw must be within 12 months of when they became entitled and they must repay all the benefits paid to them and their family.


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Will unemployment benefits affect Social Security benefits?


Social Security does not count unemployment benefits as earnings and it does not affect Social Security retirement benefits. However, income from Social Security may reduce unemployment compensation. It is important to contact the state unemployment office for information on how the compensation is affected.


This is just one of hundreds of Frequently Asked Questions on the Social Security website. Many answers to your client’s questions can be found here:



Does your client need an immediate and accurate Social Security retirement benefit estimate to help in planning for their retirement? The online Retirement Estimator is a convenient, secure and quick financial planning tool that your clients can access. The great feature about the Estimator is that it allows “what if” scenarios. For example, it allows the user to input various “stop work” dates to see the impact on the monthly benefit amount.  The Estimator does not reveal any confidential information such as address, earnings or any other information that could lead to identity theft.


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