Gabriel Allen Jones

Investment Services Grandville, MI | Advanced Asset Management | Gabriel Jones

Gabriel’s role at Advanced Asset Management consists of many responsibilities but his focus is on investment research and market analysis. For more than a decade Gabriel has provided market analysis and research for individuals with a focus on academics. He personally meets with investment firms and investment managers to provide clients with insights on investment opportunities. His diligent and consistent research ensures that each client is receiving the highest quality portfolio management. Other responsibilities that Gabriel has include leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring Advanced Asset Management’s compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies.

Prior to joining AAM, Gabriel started Nautilus Financial that helped him understand the industry and the complexities of complying with state regulators. His first degree in higher learning came from Ferris State University where he studied computer aided drafting and tool design. After Ferris he worked for the automotive industry as a tool designer and process engineer. While working for AAM Gabriel finished his Bachelor of Science in Business from University of Phoenix which included financial planning certificates.