Invest in the stock market . . . on the installment plan

A lot of folks believe you have to be rich, or at least very smart, to invest in the stock market. In a past issue of The Penny Hoarder, though, Aileen Perilla wrote, “If you only invest your spare change, that alone could make a huge difference in your financial future.”

She assures hesitant shareholders: “You don’t need to make six figures to open a stock market account.” She adds, “You could even get started with the 15-cents left over from your morning coffee.”

Perilla cites one reader who was able to turn nickels, dimes and quarters into more than $1,000, enough to open an investment account with a company that caters to customers of any means.

Why not make monthly payments toward a more comfortable future?                                                                                        

With a click of a keyboard, most of us agree to pay regular installments for everything from weight loss programs to software updates or shopping memberships, such as Amazon Prime, Sam’s Club or Costco.

All it takes to create your own investment membership program is an appointment with a financial advisor. Just ask about investment vehicles that allow you to build a portfolio on small monthly payments. Most agents accept direct deposits from checking accounts, making recurrent deposits automatic and easy to manage.

You don’t have to be a stock market genius to see your monthly investments grow. There are many vehicles that provide a good variety of individual stocks and bonds, ETFs or mutual funds based on successful models that point investors toward positive returns.  

Some financial firms accept regular, small deposits. Ron Van Surksum, Advanced Asset Manage- ment LLC (Grandville, MI), is open to stashing away as little as $25 or $50 a month for his clients. Even those little amounts add up to big investments for anyone willing to pinch a few pennies for a more plentiful future.

If you still use cash, you could save all your spare change in an old jelly jar and put it into an IRA (Independent Retirement Account) or mutual fund at the end of each month. If you pay for most things with credit cards            or checks, simply mail in monthly installments or make direct deposits of any amount you can afford.

People don’t think twice before signing up to pay monthly fees. Almost everything is marketed as pay-as-you-go programs today, including monthly gym and health club memberships. Many folks shell out money regularly to exercise in swimming pools or places like the local YMCA. So, why not use the installment plan to build wealth? Your financial health is worth as much as your physical health, isn’t it?

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