Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule / Engagement & Service Models

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Full plan with recommendations with a fee beginning at $1,000 which includes a strategy meeting and a plan presentation meeting.  Additional fees possible based on meeting time $500 (per additional meeting) and plan preparation time as appropriate and agreed upon.

Plan Projection

Starts at $500 and includes one meeting to review plan projection and follow up with recommendations (not comprehensive).

Planning / Advice Only

hourly or retainer fees based on time and expertise needed. No additional charge for reasonable follow up calls or questions unless you are strictly on an hourly model.  Then you will be billed for time in 15 minute increments at my current hourly rate. My hourly rate as of 1/1/2020 is $200 per hour.  This rate is subject to change without notice. 

Planning / Advice with AAM Managed Portfolios

Hourly, retainer or AUM fees based on time and expertise needed or 0.50% to 1.00% of AUM using Schwab Brokerage accounts.


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Asset Under Management Fees (AUM)

You do not need to hire us to manage investments but we are here to help you if you do not want to do it yourself. We open Charles Schwab brokerage accounts on your behalf, you deposit funds or transfer them in and you give AAM limited power of attorney to trade the account for you. AUM fees are based on the assets under management (typically through Schwab accounts) and are typically deducted from accounts on a quarterly basis in advance unless otherwise agreed upon.

AUM under $100,000 at 1.00%
AUM $100,000 to $1,000,000 at 0.75%
AUM $1,000,000 + at 0.50%

All AAM fees are negotiable based on services needed.  You may choose to do an annual retainer or “flat” fee which can be negotiated upon request. We do not have a minimum fee.  If you are willing to pay for advice we can make something work.

Service Models

AAM will reach out to clients on a periodic basis or as needed to update and maintain your financial plan and/or strategies.

My contact frequency will depend on the level of fee you pay to AAM annually.

Projected fees of under $1,000 per year will be contacted twice annually (6 month intervals).

Projected fees of $1,000 to $5,000 annually will be contacted three times annually (4 month intervals).

Projected fees of $5,000 + annually will be contact four times annually (3 month intervals).

You may schedule a meeting at any time using the on-line tool or calling the office.  It is your responsibility to schedule meeting times.  If you feel like you are not being contacted enough please let AAM know.  If you need to meet more often please feel free to do so.  If an additional meeting fee is needed I will let you know in advance.  My goal is to be available to you when you need me (within reason).  It is ultimately your responsibility to schedule meetings and get the service you desire.  Please keep me updated on the best way to reach out to you (phone numbers, email address, home address).

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