Count Your Blessings! Be thankful for safety nets under US Citizens

We complain about everything. We moan about the economy and second guess our government. When inflation hits or gas prices reach new highs, we blame the President. We rate our legislators about as low as they can go. We rarely count our blessings, although our lawmakers have put many financial safety nets in place to save us from disaster.  

Not everyone agrees on the politics behind some government measures, but all must admit that      it’s nice to have safety nets in place to catch us when life’s uncertainties take us by surprise.

We take good luck for granted. Over the years, the U.S. government has passed legislation       on a number of measures to bail us out if disaster strikes, threatening to ruin us. One of the most recent provisions, of course, was a law passed to help American families escape some of the financial blow caused by the Covid Pandemic. Other benefits open to Americans who fall on hard times include:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Social security income provided for aging Americans
  • Medicare health insurance for retirees
  • Medicare benefits for certain disabled people
  • Medicaid and children’s health insurance programs
  • Temporary assistance for needy families, including SNAP food benefits
  • Social security income for surviving spouses and young children
  • Small burial benefits for every American.

The U.S. government helps all of us secure our futures in other ways that should be thankful for, including:

  • IRAs (Independent Retirement Accounts) to save for retirement
  • Educational grants and college savings programs for students
  • Military benefits for those who has served honorably in the armed forces
  • Government guaranteed savings bonds; I-bonds currently offering over 7 percent interest

Don’t we actually pay for all these perks through our taxes?

Yes. We pay plenty of taxes. A few people may pay enough to cover all or most of the above expenses. However, most of us would not have the means nor the discipline to save enough money for every emergency. Most of us couldn’t cover everything that can possibly happen to us in life, but the U.S. government has our backs in a variety of ways.

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