Could You Pass this Quiz?

The end of one tax season and the start of the next seems like the perfect time to measure financial fitness. If you are anxiously awaiting a tax refund, you might be further behind than you thought. That means it’s time to measure your well-being. To find out where you are on life’s financial scale, take this quiz:                              

True (T) or False (F)       Do you fall into any of these financial fitness scenarios?                                                                                                                

To learn where you stand financially, mark each comment honestly:

  • I already contribute to a savings plan to build an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, so I won’t have to rely on taking out loans with interest to solve most of life’s problems.
  • I’ve analyzed each of my monthly bills with an eye towards finding ways to lower them. (Change phone plans, cancel subscriptions, pay off balances to avoid credit card interest, use coupons, etc.),
  • I deposit all the money I save each month into my emergency account  . . . Or I put those savings into my bucket list account (the one for realizing my life’s ambitions).
  • I’ve estimated the cost of each of my family’s future needs, such as a bigger house, new car, education, etc.; and I’ve developed a plan for affording them in due time.
  • I’m fully aware of the steps I have to take to strengthen my earning power in the future (further education and/or job training, for example).
  • I’ve studied the ways I could climb the career ladder to make more money to meet future goals.
  • I ‘ve looked into various investment options, such as IRAs, to supplement my income at some point.
  • I’ve met with a financial advisor to help me set up a monthly investment plan to start saving toward 1-year, 5-year, 10-year and lifetime goals.

If you’ve been able to mark T or True for each example above, you are well on your way to a successful financial future. Reaching goals and fulfilling lifetime dreams do not happen accidentally for anyone. Financial fitness takes projecting, planning, making sacrifices and saving money to pay for the good life.

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